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Paese Hydrobase under eyes

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Hydrobase under eyes - an unusual, unique product dedicated to the eye area to better take care of women's beauty. Regularly applied, makes the skin looks fresher and more radiant, and the look becomes brighter.


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The skin around eyes is very delicate, sensitive and much thinner than the skin on the face. It has a very small amount of fat cells, has no sebaceous glands and since it is exposed to damage or pollution, it ages faster.

This rich in active ingredients base-cream, provides a comprehensive skincare around eyes. Its key ingredient- Eye'fective™ complex. which contains extracts from white flowers of hawthorn and Arabian jasmine, also:

  • brightens dark circles under the eyes;
  • lifts the upper eyelid;
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • provides the effect of flawless skin.

It’s been confirmed by an independent laboratory that Hydrobase under eyes reduces wrinkles around eyes by 10% , and brightens under eyes shadows by almost 7%,after only 3 weeks of use.

The developed by us formula, has been based on many beneficial and natural ingredients:

  • sweet almond oil – rich in vitamins A, E, D and B group, works well in comprehensive care of all skin types;
  • coffee butter – stimulates and protects - creates a layer that prevents water from evaporating from the epidermis. Caffeine crontained in it delays skin aging and prevents swelling;
  • bergamot water – relaxes and provides the effect of flawless skin.
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