Paese Hydrobase under make-up

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A hydrating 2-in-1 primer that combines skincare with makeup. Suitable for all skin types. A light, gel-like texture that is absorbed quickly. Makes the application of foundation easier, fills out small wrinkles and ensures the makeup lasts longer.

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The hydrating and conditioning hydrobase primer is like a time machine, keeping your skin looking young and restoring its freshness. It halts the ageing process by hydrating, soothing and nourishing the skin. It is rich in many active ingredients, vitamins and peptides:

  • peptides - significantly reduce existing wrinkles, discolourations and dyspigmentation, protecting the skin from harmful external factors,
  • polysaccharides - prevent inflammation, soothe irritations and halt the ageing process,
  • pseudo-ceramide - reduces excessive dehydration and protects the skin from harmful external factors,
  • olive dermolient - improves skin elasticity and hydration,
  • low-molecular hyaluronic acid - penetrates deep into the skin, leaving it smoother and maintaining the proper hydration level.

  • Extremely hydrating makeup primer for all skin types,
  • Stops the ageing process,
  • Immediately moisturises, firms, soothes and regenerates the skin,
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Reduces fine lines and imperfections,
  • Rich in active ingredients, vitamins and peptides,
  • Contains ingredients that reflect light,
  • Prepares the skin for foundation and ensures makeup lasts longer,
  • The skin gains a natural glow, recovering its firmness and smoothness,
  • The texture guarantees easy application and perfect blending with any foundation.
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