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Ultra Setting Vaporizer is an innovative spray for make-up setting. This fine mist spray is a light setting preparation, with exceptional matt and light effect after application and is most suitable for camera work. Ultra Setting Vaporizer dependably sets any kind of foundation.

12,80 €

Dermacolor Fixing Spray is used for extra protection of the camouflage. Especially suitable for hands and neck. Dermacolor Fixing Spray is applied after setting the camouflage with Dermacolor Fixing Powder.  150 ml

18,50 €

Ultra Fluid Foundation in an elegant glas bottle. This fluid has a slightly enhanced covering quality compared to other fluids, without loss of its transparent appearance. The product image shown on our website may differ from the original product.

16,50 €

Ultra Underbase is the preliminary step in making up. Ultra Underbase, applied ultra-thin, allows professional application of for example the Ultra Foundation line and of TV Paint Stick. A synergistic effect enhances the durability of the make-up.

20,50 €

Spirit Gum is a classical adhesive for hair, beards, and wigs, with a very high proportion of natural copal. 12 ml.

5,20 €

Anti-Shine Powder is a special matt powder, similar in its way to Asian rice powder. At the same time, however, Anti-Shine Powder prevents unwanted dull effects and creates a pleasant feeling on the skin. 30 g.

17,10 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 118 items